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How to paint Faux boulders on a Patio

How to paint Faux boulders on a PatioYour everyday concrete terrace can be turned into a seductive masterpiece of colour, contrast and art when you are sparring with masonry or real paint. We do not talk about a ho-hum shade of gray and the slathering on top of the concrete. No. We talk about how to paint faux boulders on a patio. The contrasting colour around the blocks will be the original concrete hue, so much fun with virtually any colour you can call or use a variety of different. A few supplies, extensive drying time and several steps are all you need to paint faux boulders on a patio. Instructions paint Faux boulders on a Patio
Sweep and clean the area to be painted. Do a general sweep with an industrial broom and rinse the field with a snake. Scrape each caked on, baked on or crudded of dirt, chewing gum and other grime with a razor blade. Use a floor cleaner and mop for each especially dirty areas. Rinse clean again until the water runs clear. Let dry thoroughly.Paste the mason…