How to Make Room Divider Screen | Simple to Apply and Cheap

How to Make Room Divider Screen

Talking about a house is certainly not endless, there are lots of things that we will discuss, but for today we will discuss room dividers. There are several types of room dividers that we know, here we will try to make them cheap and very easy to make. One example of a room divider that is quite easy to make is to use a screen. Did you know how to make it? today we're going to make a room divider  screen or out of fabric (curtains) which will be combined with PVC pipes.

Here's what you need to get started how to make room divider screen or curtains combined PVC pipes, there are some materials to make it and you know? This is very cheap way to make divider room.
  1.  Used old curtains or screen for the fabric
  2.  Some half-inch or more PVC pipes
  3.  Two-by-twos to make the wooden hinges for the lengthwise seam

Simple materials

This is step by step how to make it, it think this simple way and not too difficult to made:
  1. Folded the screen or curtains over one-inch iron folded it in half and ironed again
  2. I then sewed the entire length of the screen for the N seam I folded over 1/2 inch for the hem and another 2 inches for the loop
  3. Before I could so the next step I needed to make the frame so I cut two pieces of PVC pipes at 19 and a half inches and attached them to the five-foot lengths using the corners.
  4. Then I threaded the pipe through the screen loop attached it flip the frame over and pulled the screen taut I made a mark on each side of the fabric so I would know where to put my seam I drew lines to attach the marks I had made and cut off the excess making sure to leave a half inch seam allowance I then folded over the seam and the loop and pinned it in place before sewing it together repeat these steps five times and you'll have all of your fabric panels to get the hinges I cut a two by two into ten pieces at two and seven-eighths inches.
  5. Then sanded  the wood all the edges and corners with a belt sander.
  6. Next, I used a drill press to make the holes for the PVC pipes to go through make sure you have a lot of space when you're assembling all the pieces as the finished product is over ten feet long if you want to remove the fabric panels to wash them it can be a little bit difficult sewing velcro onto the ends is a nice alternative you could use small screws to hold the top hinge in place but zip ties work just as well.
 Drill press to make the holes for the PVC pipes

This wood is useful for foldingdivider screen

That's how to make a room divider screen. Quite easy to practice and vercy cheap and simple, Finally, you can easily divide your room, good luck.


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