5 What to Look when buying a carpet cleaner

What to look when buying a carpet cleaner

Carpets come in all shapes and sizes, but in the end, will not last if not properly kept and cleaned. Some are delicate, little traffic or small; others are large, difficult and densely populated. The right carpet cleaner will take into account the different needs of the carpet as well as the people who will use it.

Small Machines of Carpet Cleaner

Small machines work best for low carpets. They are easier to maneuver and ideal if space is limited. Devices such as the Bissell QuickSteamer PowerBrush and the Hoover SteamVac All Terrain are upright, compact, versatile and work well for a home or office. They are ideal for preventive care and stain removal in low-traffic, smaller areas because their brushes and steam production are designed with these types of spaces in mind.

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Great Machines

If the carpet in question is large or heavily used, small machines do not cut. Large engines of carpet cleaner are more powerful, can relate to ground quickly and are comparable to a professional cleaning service. Industrial mid-size models such as the Back Doctor and the Hoover C3820 Commercial Steam Vac use powerful rotating brushes, high-pressure steam and chemical application, as well as vacuum suction for moisture removal. Machines such as this are expensive, but if a large carpet requires frequent, professional maintenance, it makes sense to buy one of this calibre.


Coarse, neglected or heavily-traded carpets usually need robust solutions to remove stains and odours. Products such as Dissolving and Matrix use chemicals such as surfactants, perfume, alcohol and peroxide. These are very effective in removing old stains or difficult odours, but its effective to clean the carpet? In some cases can be health hazards and should be used in moderation.

Green options for Carpet Cleaner

Carpets made from biological or sensitive materials need flexible solutions. Similar considerations should be prepared for rooms with small children or persons sensitive to aggressive chemicals. There are many "green" or "eco-friendly" products to break stains and odours. They use substances such as vinegar, bicarbonate and soap and include names such as earth-friendly, clean nature, Eco Carpet Stain Remover.


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