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Build Log Cabin Double Wide Mobile Homes? This Is Great Tips

Great Tips To Build Log Cabin Double Wide Mobile HomesLog cabin double wide mobile homes divided into two models, namely classic and modern. The most widely applied by the property developers today is a modern minimalist-style housing with an actual design concept for every home. However, there is one concept of contemporary log cabin double wide mobile homes decor that is still not many people dare to try it, that is the wooden house. Log cabin double wide mobile homes house including the contemporary category and can be applied to the one-story house or more.

Most use a concept like a house on stilts, i.e., there is a distance between the ground and the ground floor of a house that is given a not too high staircase between the two. This ladder is also designed similar to the fence that became the barrier of the terrace of the house. The width of the wooden porch is usually not very large, only about 2 to 4 meters up the fence. The designer also uses a full window fixed windows model …