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Paint ideas for a home

Paint ideas for a home
When updating your home, you could paint all of the walls just the same dull colour, or you could try something new to make out of your home interior booth. Refreshing the inside of a house increases the value, and many interior painting ideas are feasible without hiring a painter.

Rag Rolls Rag Rolls is a favourite faux finish technique that lets a soft and mottled texture on walls. With a little practice on a monster board, the method is easy to master and requires no troweling skills or expensive brushes and tools. Roll the entire wall with a primer of paint, preferably in a satin or semi-gloss finish. Roll faux finish glaze on the wall with a roller with 3/8-inch NAP and proceed to roll over the glaze with a separate rag-roller.
Accent Walls An accent wall enhances the visual appeal in a room while creating an anchored focal point. Painting a wall accent not only make the wall stand out from the rest of the room, but also the colour can complement furniture a…