Tropical landscape ideas for a small side yard

Tropical landscape ideas for a small side yard

Small yards are sometimes tricky to landscape because of the low space and odd shape. Air circulation is also problematic. A solution for a small side yard is to decorate the area with a tropical theme. Tropical plants will withstand the heat and add dimension and colour to an otherwise dull space.

The basic design for tropical landscapes is routes and seating. Create trajectories in the middle of the area with white gravel or sizeable concrete stepping stones in a bed of white gravel. Adjust the links in any pattern to imitate the appearance of meandering through a villa. Square from plant areas with landscape timbers and hidden seats.

Using gates and arbours add structure to the side yard. Consider a wrought iron gate or arbour at the entrance with the potted hibiscus on each side of the gate. Using an arbour, the hibiscus will grow over the arbour, creating depth on the side yard and privacy. Instead of hibiscus, use a variety of tropical plants to sketch the entrance. For small hand yards, it is better to use only three

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Groupings of similar tropical plants will make the best representation. For example, a planting area is where different hibiscus plants. Make another planting area for Bougainville. Continuing along, banana trees strategically placed with stone benches under a mystery hidden under the big leaves of the banana tree. Besides, palm trees, including palm fans, tall palms and others do well in a ready yard. Complete the plantings with potted plants and lanterns along the routes and at the entrance to the side yard.
to four types of flowers throughout the area. More than that will overwhelm a little space.

Sitting area
Seating can make a small yard more inviting and relaxed. At one end of the side yard, create an entertainment area with more room, a water feature and a fire pit with lanterns around the perimeter of the city. Accommodation includes wicker chairs and tables. Tiki lanterns are ideal in a tropical environment.
The colour of the walls affects the overall look of the side yard. Neutral shades of beige and brown are ideal and complement the bright colours of the tropical plants. Add only small elements of colour with decorations on the fence or outside pictures on the walls. A mural can be painted as attractive on the wall as a shady entrance to an island cabana.


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