Pond In December

Our pond in December and January

Pond maintenance with snow in December and January
We already have some snow and ice behind the back. But there is a chance that the next few weeks are coming. When we do not know.

That's why we make sure our air pump is ready for you. After all, a frozen pond is dangerous for many water creatures. Air won't freeze, even at shallow temperatures and will keep a hole open in the dugout. This gap causes the pressure on the pond walls to decrease, and that harmful gases can evade while the much-needed oxygen gets access to the pond. We hang the outflow stones about 30 to 40 cm below the water surface.

Pond Maintenance December and January
Is there a day of snow on the ice of our pond? Then we go snow-clearing. Snow stops light. Some underwater plants also continue to grow in winter and therefore need light. Facilities such as yellow floppy, Broncos, crab shave and needle herb remain active. We Remove the snow from the ice that lies on the pond. We do this best without walking on the ice. For example with an extractor to a long stick, or we pour a bucket of water over the snow so that it melts. Possibly we can also spray water with a garden hose. Then we make sure that the garden hose does not freeze so that we can roll it back again afterwards.

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But maybe the winter is soft. It is advisable to feed our fish in the winter occasionally with tiny quantities of particular winter food, even when it is not freezing. If winter is hot, the fish also need food. We Feed our fish occasionally (e.g. every 14 days) with winter feed.


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