Planting water plants

Pond: Planting water plants: species and depth

Aquatic plants: Their place in the pond.
When the pond is laid out the most fun work follows: Planting the pond. You can start with the oxygen plants, this within 24 hours. The other plants can also be distributed immediately or in a few days.

Characteristic of a healthy pond is always clear water, many and highly growing water plants, and although invisible, the presence of billions of bacteria. These micro-organisms put organic wastes, such as leaves, feed residues etc. into nutrients for the plants.

Many people say that May-June is the best time for planting the pond. I have a very positive experience with a pond plantation in the autumn, September – October. I do not think it is essential in which season you are building the pond, only I see no one in freezing graves, let alone lay a lake. The creation of a pond also has to do with beautiful and warm weather. It is now better at the good and warm weather, the spring tickle feeling.

- Water plants we share the following species:
- Wet shore plants see drawing.
- Water plants from 5 to 80 cm and more or according to a label.
- Oxygen plants 40 cm to 80 cm or according to a label.
- Swamp plants See drawing.
- Water lilies to 1m and sometimes more or according to a label.
- Underwater plants 60 cm and more or according to a label.
- Driving plants.
- Other corresponding plants according to a label.
- Wet Shore Plants

These are not real aquatic plants, but they sometimes like to be moist. And they love a wet or dry foot and high humidity. Therefore these facilities are right on the outside of the pond. Also, these plants fit perfectly with the lake regarding the texture of leaf and flour. These plants naturally fit well with a pond, but can also be found in an ordinary garden where the ground is drier than a pond. A good example is women's mantle.
With these plants, you can make a natural transition from the garden to the pond.
Swamp plants do not play a role in the clarity of the water and do not affect the oxygen control of the pond. Wet shore plants come in different species and are vigorous growers if they can grow in the right soggy soil.
Water plants
These are plants that are not oxygen plants, no shore plants and which are also not thick as in underwater flowers and lilies. They are actually in between. For example, these facilities must be 30 cm below water, but with their blisters and flour a large piece above the water surface.

Swamp plants
Most of these plants are keen to be in the water with their roots. Therefore, make sure you have enough shallow areas. The plant depth that is indicated on the labels and photos attached to all aquatic plants, the number of cm depth is counted from the top of the pond basket upward, the water surface.

Oxygen plants
These are the water plants that produce oxygen in the water. You may well notice this in good weather. Then you can see well that the plant air bubbles release into the water in the form of small air bubbles.

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Driving plants
The function of operating plants is essential: they also provide a part for the biological balance in the pond. The choice of floating plants is somewhat limited, but for a right pond environment, they are indispensable.
Underwater plants and water lilies
This group is the best known of the water plants, the water lily. When purchasing the indicated plant depth, be sure that your pond has the right thickness. Plant them only in destined large pond baskets. Other underwater plants are oxygen plants, but they are always treated separately and yellow floppy, pike herb, Thalia.

Other associated plants
These are plants that are not water plants but are suitable as edge vegetation. Usually is that one-year, two-year or by living perennials. A host is an excellent example of this.

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