Our Pond In November

Our pond at the end of November at the beginning of December

Air Pump Frost Protection VijverHet ardent that we can now be removed from our pond sites in October. The big leaf is over.

What is important now: our air pump must be ready. We indeed check whether they are working correctly and possibly replace the vibrating membranes. We Also check the air Pebbles and buy new when needed. Because once it starts to freeze, we put the aeration into effect. After all, a densely frozen pond is dangerous for many living creatures.

Air will not freeze, even at low temperatures and keep a hole open in the pond. This gap causes the pressure on the pond walls to decrease, and that harmful gases can evade while the much-needed oxygen gets access to the dugout.

We hang the outflow stones about 30 to 40 cm below the water surface, not deeper because then the lower layers of water (which are warmest at the very cold) are mixed with the top coats. We set the air pump outside the pond, preferably above the maximum water level of the lake. Can't do this then we use anti-wrapping valves so that the pond water can never come into the air pump. We also take care of some form of cover above the air pump to protect it from weather influences.

When our pond board consists of overhanging crazies, then we let the water level of the pond drop some centimetres. This to avoid that ice (more substantial volume than water) the crazies could boost.


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