Low-Maintenance shrubs for the front of a house

Low-Maintenance shrubs for the front of a house

Shrubs add beauty to a landscape. Their full figures make landscaping look more entertaining, and they are protective to attract birds nest. Many types of bushes and shrubs need pruning, weeding and pruning and can be quite a burden to maintain in the current hectic world. Fortunately, some low-maintenance shrubs can add beauty to your front-yard landscaping that requires very little maintenance.

Burning shrub
The burning shrub has a bright, autumn colour and will add some vibrancy to your landscape. It is a large flattened shrub that initially originated from Asia. They can grow up to 10 feet long and will turn bright red in the fall but are green-yellow in the spring. The burning shrub can handle a variety of climates, soil, and sunlight hours. It is only right preference that the land is somewhat well drained.

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Butterfly Bush
The butterfly shrub is a flowering shrub that flourishes to fall midsummer. It owes its name to the many butterflies who come to feast on the nectar of the flowers ' at that time. The flowers vary in colour but can appear pink, purple, blue or white. The shrub can grow to 10 feet long and wide. Although this plant prefers the full sun and moist soil, it is not particularly fussy about its surroundings. A thick mulch will ensure the station gets the moisture it needs, and it should only give full water to the first flowers.

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Holly shrubs are very tolerant of different environments and soil but prefer full sun. They need daily water for the first week but treat dryness very well after that. Mulching helps maintain moisture and even soil temperature for a healthier plant but will without. Yearly pruning will help to make them compact. To produce berries, you need to plant a female and a male shrub next to each other. Otherwise, you can enjoy the deep evergreen colour of a year-round holly Bush.

The Oleander Bush is another type of evergreen shrub that produces scented flowers in summer. Oleander flowers vary in colour from apricot, red, yellow or white. However, these flowers are toxic when swallowed. Oleander shrubs can grow up to 12 feet high and dry or soggy soils are equally good; They can even be planted and thrive in partial deserts. Yearly pruning can help to create a bushier effect, but otherwise, this plant does it very well on its own.

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