Lawn & Landscaping Ideas for a Rambler house

Lawn & Landscaping Ideas for a Rambler house

Rambler-style houses, or ranch houses, are ubiquitous in the United States. They are usually one-story, necessary houses without much exterior detail or architectural features. Although this kind of structure may seem uninspiring, homeowners can appeal personality, style and curb to rambler houses with exceptional landscaping and lawn designs.

Some homeowners are more attractive making the front entrance of their rambler houses with walkways, according to the design experts at Curb Appeal. This type of front-yard face-lift can be done by removing the old trajectory and replacing it with a slanted path with steps and levels. The new standards can feature landscaped plants and rock gardens. If the homeowner has to work with the straight central walkway, he can add trimmed edges on both sides of the sidewalk, with small shrubs, herbs, gravel and beautiful lighting.

Trees and bushes
Adding trees and shrubs can also create the illusion of a larger rambler house. While large trees add energy-efficient shade to homes, they need to be planted away from the actual structure, in large part belong to their massive root systems in the area of the Foundation. Shorter, decorative trees and shrubs can be planted next to the structure. Planting ornamental trees in groups of odd numbers, create (one to three) on the corner of the house, the illusion of the width and height.

Many homeowners add colour and texture to their rambler houses with flowers and plants. They use a mixture of plants and flowers that bloom in the course of the seasons so that no holes appear in the overall design of the landscape. You can even plant flowers that replenish the rambler house paint colour or add texture by planting two very different types of plants next to each other, such as blue holly next to ornamental grass, according to the "Landscape Design Opinions."

Backyard deck
Most rambler houses were built with economy in mind, and they do not have significant backyard entertaining areas, according to the designers at Service Magic. Some homeowners add stone patios, wooden decks or screened-in back porches to create a functional outdoor space. These areas are ideal for meetings as chimineas, outside fireplaces and grills have been added. They are more visually appealing when accentuated with garden furniture and plants, as well as potted.

Many people improve the yards of their rambler houses with outdoor lighting. Add small spotlights, from white or coloured lights, around the foundation house can add depth and visually appealing to your home rambler. Install tree lights, install lamp posts at the front doorways, also help to add visual appeal


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