Landscape ideas for a ramp entry

Landscape ideas for a ramp entry

Your driveway is intended to serve a functional purpose, but there is no reason why it can add a decorative element to your home as well. Marking the entrance is an ideal way to showcase beautiful paving materials or a unique shape. Many landscaping options can help accent your driveway entrance; For example, you can create a subtle, natural look or a bold, colourful look, depending on your preference and the style of the rest of your home.

Plant a Flower Bed
To create a simple and inexpensive edge for your driveway entrance, plant flower beds on either side of the post. Planting flowers in this area separate the driveway from the rest of the lawn, giving it its distinct feel. If your street has a decorative surface, such as cobblestone, macadam or crushed gravel, planting flowers on either side of the entrance is an ideal way to mark it. You can plant flowers of all the same variety for a uniform appearance or mix flowers of different colours and textures for a wilder feeling. Varying from the heights of the planting can add to the driveway visually pleasing too.

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Place decorative trees and shrubs
If you like to place the idea of a natural element at your driveway entrance but prefer a more straightforward look than flowers, ornamental trees or shrubs are ideal options. You can plant a single more massive tree for maximum impact or a cluster of smaller, more delicate trees for a subtle look. Bushes that are placed on the edge of your driveway can be cut into topiary shapes, such as a spiral or pom-pom; more complex designs such as animals, stars or hearts are also attractive options.

Light the way
Add to quickly enter your driveway and leave at night, light fixtures to the landscape on either side of the entrance. Some light styles are available for this purpose. The number of luminaires is placed flush with the ground for a subtle appearance that is practically undetectable during the day. However, you can also opt for post style lighting that is made of decorative materials, such as wrought iron, for a decorative look. The massive stone or brick piers topped with decorative outdoor lanterns offer a dramatic look as well.

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Install a port
For a house that features screens around the property that leads to the driveway, a gate can be an ideal landscaping option for an entrance. Provide extra privacy and security for your home and also add a decorative look to the front of your landscape. Wrought-iron gates are a traditional choice if you want a graceful look, while wood offers a more casual, natural look. You can also choose between standard ports that must be physically opened before you can open or close the ramp or an automatic style that is opened with a remote control, sensors or keypad entry.


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