Landscape ideas for a brick Ranch style home

Landscape ideas for a brick Ranch style home

As soldiers and sailors streamed home after World War II and started from families, the one-story ranch became a familiar sight in communities in the United States. These ranch-style houses were often wooden frame, but many bricks or a combination of the two materials. For a brick ranch house, landscaping is usually aimed at breaking the low lines and thus naturally fit into the suburban neighbourhood.

Foundation planting
Often, low growing, evergreen shrubs are planted along the foundation of a ranch house. Spreading varieties of juniper and yew provide quick coverage to these areas and give a brick exterior some texture softness. Leyland cypress can be used at angles and mid-range to pull the eye upwards and break the long lines of the house. Green Velvet boxwood and Crimson Pygmy Berberis family work well in sunny areas, according to Shaunna Lasher from the LandscapeDesignAdvice website.

The ranch at home needs to balance vertical elements from its long horizontal lines. Large trees of the shade, such as oak and maple can offer those vertical lines. Because your house is brick, you are already colder in the summer and warmer in the winter, and the shade trees can further improve your energy saving. The green leaves in the summer can add depth to the colour of the brick, and in the fall, the colourful shades can offer a welcome contrast. A high conical evergreen placed on a corner of your house can serve as an endpoint for the horizontal lines, according to Todd Phillippi from the FineGardening website.

Perennial shrubs add colour and texture to illuminate the overall heaviness of a brick ranch. Peonies, clematis, holly and viburnum plants offer various shapes and shades of foliage, as well as colourful flowers and berries. These shrubs can be used in the backyard and patio, as well as along the Foundation, mixed with evergreens for a more varied look.

Bedding plants
Bedding plants can add lightness and colour to a brick ranch exterior. Curved beds along the side and front can minimize the monotony of the horizontal lines of the brick. Annual plants such as petunias, begonias and salvia make good plantings for the pleasing effect.

Front door
The front entrance of a brick ranch often requires a little extra attention to combat the hardness of the outside. Small trees like the Japanese maple planted near the front door can give your home a welcoming note. Small beds of flowers add more colour and are essential for the balance of the surfaces of the hardscape of sidewalks and driveways


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