Ideas and inspiration for a wine cellar

Ideas and inspiration for a wine cellar

A wine cellar may seem like a luxury for people in a large house. However, it is not true that you have to have a significant villa or an old mansion to set up a wine cellar. There are lots of possibilities to set up a particular area for wine in smaller houses as well. How about a walk-in closet for wine? Alternatively, do you have a little basement where you still don't have anything to do with it, but you want to use it? With help from the homily, you can get started to look for the design for an excellent wine cellar.

What does the perfect wine cellar look like?
The primary purpose of a wine cellar is to preserve good and tasty wines in an ideal climate. This means, above all, that the wine should not have a sunlight to endure and that the temperature and humidity in the room are constant. On the other hand, a wine cellar must also be a space where you as a wine lover can quietly seek out the wine you need and where there is the place for you and your guests to taste the wine and to enjoy the entourage. Moreover, it is hardly necessary to mention: a wine cellar must, of course, be a place where you can store as many different wines as possible where the bottles remain well visible!

Where can I find ideas for wine cellars?
A wine cellar is excellent to set up with the help of homily. You can sign up for free and get started right away to get inspiration for your wine cellar, and you will also find at lecture many professionals in the field of wine cellars and many other interior issues. Have you noticed any cute things on the lecture? Be sure to save these ideas in your personal online ideas book.

How can I make a wine cellar?
It is much possible in the area of decorating a wine cellar. You can, of course, use an existing basement, but you can also choose to buy a so-called silo wine cellar. This is a small round space that is built into your floor with a spiral staircase to get inside. The top is closed by a glass plate so that the temperature remains constant and of course to ensure that you do not have a hole in your floor. Of course, the wine cellar is a price tag. Fortunately, it is also an option to set up a room that you are not using a walk-in wine closet. However, even a corner of the kitchen can be transformed into a small wine cellar, or perhaps the space under the staircase. As you can see, there are plenty of possibilities, but in many cases, it is essential to enable an expert who helps you to design the ideal wine cellar.

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What kind of walls should I choose in my wine cellar?
For a traditional underground wine cellar, brick walls are a fantastic option. This gives you the feeling of an authentic wine cellar, just think of the beautiful contrast between the wine bottles and the brick. A nice vaulted or a plastered ceiling fits here beautifully and what about a lovely old-fashioned door in French style? However, also plasterwork can do fine in a traditional wine cellar! Are you going to create an aboveground space, for example in your kitchen? Be sure to start working with glass walls; this gives a lovely effect!

What kind of floor do I put in my wine cellar?
Robust materials are most suitable for a wine cellar. Beautiful old-fashioned tiling, natural stone tiles or a beautiful dark wooden floor. or directly (dyed) concrete can also give a brilliant effect. However, even, for example, marble can be exquisite, elegant and stylish in a wine cellar or a wide area. Choosing a hemp floor or something like that can be dangerous: you have to have the level in a wine cellar that does not smell, you do not want your wines to take over the scent of your floor at any given moment! Also, remember that the subfloor is too bone. Moisture can be disastrous for your wine, and you do not want to get any fungi under your floor at all.

Where can I find shelves in my wine cellar?
In the area of shelving for your wine bottles, a homily is also your perfect guide. You can find many suppliers of special wine shelves here. From wood to metal and to furnish a complete wine cellar to select wine refrigerators that you can quickly place in your kitchen. Also in this area is much to think and much to deliver! Are you very adept at editing wood? Make sure you have your wine shelves!

Are there any more specific tips for decorating my wine cellar?
If you are designing and planning a wine cellar, then the most important thing is that you take the amount of wine you want to place as a starting point. It revolves around the wine, and all other additional things are sided matters. If you know how many wine shelves you want to get rid of, you can also quickly find out how much space you hold for other elements in your wine cellar. Also, think about whether you want to place a small bar or a beautiful table with chairs in your wine cellar. The choices that you will make in the area of wine shelving and furniture are often also very decisive for the style you are going to handle in a wine cellar. The colour theorem is also of course famous. Besides, you also need to think about the lighting. Old-fashioned light bulbs directly above your wines may look authentic, but if they are too long to burn, they can give off very feather heat and are therefore harmful to your wines. Better it is to choose LED lights. The benefits of LED lights are that they illuminate your wine cellar well, do not give up the heat and also have a very low energy efficiency.

How do I provide my wine cellar with accessories?
The answer to this question obviously depends on the style in which you want your wine cellar to be created. For example, do you want a traditional rustic wine cellar or do you choose to be very modern or luxurious? In an agricultural wine cellar, you could place a nice old barrel as an accessory, and you can also make the door a beautiful, attractive object by choosing an early heavy wood door with wrought iron hinges and a sturdy latch. In a new basement, you can think of lovely tight lighting and a beautiful painting to dress the walls. You can also think of the decor of your wine bar. Besides the wine bar itself, you will need different kinds of wine glasses, of course, a corkscrew and too a wine cooler. Be sure to tune these accessories into the style you have chosen for your decor. If you have enough space, you could even decide to use your wine cellar as a second dining room. How cute is it if you can invite guests to dine in your wine cellar! As you can see, there are plenty of possibilities to dress up your wine cellar. Use your creativity and create your style!

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More ideas for styles of your wine cellar
Casually, some methods have come past. A technique for your wine cellar is a very personal choice. The examples of homily can inspire you, but you have to make a choice in what manner you are going to focus on your wine cellar. If you find it difficult to make a decision, you can of course also enable an expert to help you. Here are some more styles to help you get on your way!

Classic-style wine cellar
A classic-style wine cellar is something you think of when hearing wine cellar. A beautiful, somewhat dark room with perfect wine shelves in which you almost imagine yourself in France. This style is effortless to set up with different elements. Charming brick walls, which you can also paint in a white colour or other light tints. This technique also fits in very many different houses, even an excellent addition to something!

Eclectic-style wine cellar
A style in which you can undoubtedly lose the most creativity is an eclectic style. Here you can combine different styles to your taste. Remember that you do not make it to fur, of course, your wine cellar should not look like a fairground attraction. On the other hand, you may be able to unpack it, so be sure to look for the border between art and kitsch a little bit.

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Scandinavian-style wine cellar
A Scandinavian-style wine cellar is very suitable if you want to make your wine cellar a cozy space. Rustic colours and rural elements give a warm and atmospheric feel. You can create a chalet feeling with a delightful rustic chair to relax in your relaxing and delicious glass of wine. A beautiful rug on the floor can accentuate this feeling even more.

Industrial-style wine cellar
As the name implies, you can create an industrial style feeling whether you are in a distillery or a liquor store. This technique also allows you to create many atmospheres. Beautiful, sturdy metal elements and sturdy lighting make your wine cellar a small factory. Sleek furniture can create the ideal tasting space. If you see such a small plant in your house, you should choose the industrial style.

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