How To Get Maximum Flooring

Let's Know How To Get Maximum Flooring For Your Home

The floor is the basis of every interior.
It is one of the essential mood-setters in your design. And so something to take a good look at and to put all the possibilities in a row. But what exactly are these opportunities? We often only think of wood, tiles, laminate or carpeting but there are so many more possibilities. So now there is also natural floor covering of paper or seaweed, or you can make your basement with paper mâché technique. And who does not dream of such a beautiful seamless screed? The trend of this moment. We also see hard, rough concrete floors, leather floors, bamboo floors and floors that consist of a mix of different materials. Another trend we have encountered a lot lately is to use the level as a transition to another space. Two different types of stories then fit seamlessly together and thus mark the change to the other room. A practical way to make a separation in an open plan layout. For a pleasant home feeling, underfloor heating is nowadays also placed on the floor. The costs are relatively low, and you always have that beautiful warm, comfortable atmosphere. Also, underfloor heating fits perfectly into the new concept of energy-neutral living and warming with moderate temperatures. To get a better picture of all types of floors that you can choose from, we will put these in a row with all the pros and cons. Or would you like personal advice or do you have a question? Leave your details here, and we will contact you.

Wooden floor
There are few floors that add as much radiance and warmth to your interior as a real wooden floor. The choice is now extensive. Not only regarding species of wood but also regarding the width of the boards and types of shelves. Overall, we can divide the types of wood floors into parquet flooring and solid wood floors. Parquet has a wooden top layer that varies in thickness depending on the desired durability and is very easy to install, similar to laminate with a click system. Because the wood layer is less thick at the top, this is a cheaper option than a solid wooden floor. The prices start at around 30-40 euros per m2. In the case of a solid oak floor, the planks are made entirely of solid wood. These are also supplied in tongue-and-groove variants or with a click system. The prices of a solid wooden floor are significantly higher with prices starting from € 45 per m2. Of course, a wood floor requires some maintenance. After a few years, this storey must be sanded and repainted, waxed or oiled, and sometimes a deep steam cleaning will occasionally be required with a rough wooden floor without a top layer. But then you have that timeless, beautiful appearance that adds so much warmth and naturalness to your home.

Laminate flooring
Do you have less budget or do you want a low-maintenance floor then a laminate floor is an excellent choice? The most modern laminate floors are nowadays hardly distinguishable from a real wooden floor. They have the same matte look with veins and knots. Moreover, a very sustainable choice because a well-laid quality laminate floor lasts for many years. And laminate is very easy to lay, maintenance-free and easy to clean. It is also a very economical option with prices between 5 and 50 euros per square meter. The disadvantage of a laminate is that it can sometimes damage and sometimes can also become convex or hollow.

PVC or plastic floor
The better PVC floors - made of high quality, high-quality plastic - can hardly be distinguished from wood or tiles. They are available as strips or in tiles with wood or tile print. The advantages of a plastic floor are that it is very durable, sound-absorbing, maintenance-free and easy to clean. Moreover, you can place this storey in any room in the house, and it is straightforward to lay.

Floor Tiles
With a tiled floor, your house gets that lovely Mediterranean accent, and you no longer have to be afraid of cold feet because you can place floor heating under low heat for a pleasantly warm floor. Tiles are the most durable choice and well resistant to scratches and dents. Ideal for a deck that is used intensively. Once you have placed the tile floor, however, it is not so easy to remove.


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