How To Design For Your Terrace

Excellent Idea How To Design  Your Terrace

The garden is the part of your house that plays an important role, especially during the summer months. You should spend much time here and enjoy the outdoors. Here, barbecues and parties take place, and you can read a book in a comfortable garden chair. It is therefore essential that your garden and seating area be beautiful. Nothing is as frustrating as a terrace that requires some extra care. Who wants to invite family and friends to a garden that doesn't look like?

What material can I use for the surface of the terrace?
This depends on the location. In the garden? On a roof? Concrete and garden tiles are always good choices for the garden. For the roof tiles are slightly more apparent. Of course, a wooden deck terrace is also possible. Keep in mind that you use wood that is weatherproof. Natural Stone gives a personal touch, while concrete happens to be cooler. If you have a swimming pool, make sure that the terrace floor is anti-slip. For more information, you can contact our garden professionals.

Which garden furniture is the best?
As with the deck terrace, furniture is also essential that it be weatherproof and durable, making it perfect for a lawn. Maintaining this furniture is at least as important, of course, it would be a shame if you have to discard the garden furniture after a few years. Therefore, cover it in dangerous weather conditions or put the furniture inside. Folding chairs are a bit more mobile and more comfortable to move. Wooden garden furniture is a bit heavier, but you can give your seat a pleasant atmosphere. Do both options appeal to you? Then go for plastic garden furniture. In combination with beautiful cushions, they provide a chic impression, as well as the wooden garden furniture. One advantage is that, like the foldable garden chairs, they are easy to move.

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How to create a terrace?
Because the garden is an extension of your house, it is essential to think carefully about the furnishing. So pay much attention to this piece of land, especially to the part where you like to sit with friends and family. The laying on of a terrace? You just do that yourself! We tell you how!

Step 1 Preparing
Measuring is know! Therefore measure the garden using a land meter. This way you create an accurate map, and you know exactly where you can build the seating area and how much material you need.

Step 2 inserting a locking tape
To be able to place the locking tape, you need to dig the part you want to the best rate at least 15 centimetres. It is vital that the terrace runs slightly, to carry rainwater to your garden, (instead of your home!). This is only about a difference of some centimetres.
Step 3 Add the subsurface.
Sprinkle a layer of 5 to 10 centimetres of sand over the substrate. Use a vibrating plate to vibrate the sand. Then cast off the outlines with rope and pike poles.

Step 4 Laying Tiles
Now it is time for the tiles! Make sure you start from the edges, after which you work inwards and regularly check if it still expires. Use a rubber hammer to store the tiles. Cut the last tiles to size. These usually do not fit at once.

Step 5 The last finish
Sprinkle special sand over the tiles, then wipe the sand with a broom in the joints. Make sure that you do not leave a joint because it is essential that the pipes get tight and do not offer room for weeds.
Sprinkle the terrace with water so that the sand pulls well into the joints. Continue wiping and spraying until all the joints are well-filled. Let the sand lie at least one week. So ready is Kees!
We can imagine that these steps are slightly too much of a good thing. Moreover, maybe you do not have any sense or time to do it yourself. Take a look at our professional tile-makers and find a specialist that suits you and can help you with the construction.

Choosing a roof terrace
A canopy in your garden is, of course, functional and atmospheric! However, which style fits the best and what form of canopy do you think is most beautiful? There are many possibilities of a classic wood canopy to a modern variant with glass.

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