Construction of a pond cost

Pond: What does the construction of a pond cost?

The price tag of water in the garden

I don't have to tell you that every hobby costs money. Also, if you want to bring the fauna and flora of a water party into the garden, this will require a sum of money. This article certainly does not intend to deter you from this hobby when summing up the different costs but wants to help make a choice and save money.

The pond hobby is happy for everyone, rich or poor, whether you want a small water bowl or an ultra modern Koi. The intention is to have water in the garden, and there are many possibilities for that. The pond Hobby will only cost a lot of money if you don't let yourself know in advance and if you dedicate your budget to wrong purchases or set wrong priorities.

Please note that the construction of a water party will remove a particular bite from your budget. Also, the further existence of your water party will cost money. We think about the consumption of a pump, fish,...
Pasting an exact price tag is impossible. What we can do is give a list of the different costs, and you should probably not save.
"Save smart and set priorities."

Do not:
Saving on planning and construction
Only if you are not sufficiently technical, or do not have the necessary knowledge to plan and create a pond, you better appeal to professional people such as a garden architect for planning and a garden contractor who Your place. The planning and construction can make a significant savings if you put your hands off the sleeves together with some friends or acquaintances, although a wrongly landscaped pond can cost you more money later.

Save on Dichtingmateriaal
Do not save in any way on the Dichtingmateriaal. Logically, whichever choice you make, your pond should be waterproof, not just the year of construction but also many years afterwards. Save here and buy a cheap foil you can break down on term acid. What costs does not entail when we have to make a new foil after five years, not to mention the pond that we need to re-establish completely. And then we still suggest the beautifully built fauna and flora in and around the lake and the biological equilibrium that is then lost.
If you want to be assured of the best Dichtingmateriaal and for lifelong, then choose the most expensive solution right away, and that is polyester.

Save on filter for ponds or fish ponds with lots of fish
You also better not save on a screen if you have a koi or a large fish in your fish pond you'll be tricked out if chosen for a smaller model filter. You have to consider the future of the fish. Fish grow, and few pond lovers can resist the purchase of new specimens.

Ornamental ponds can best be found with a small filter to support on condition that the fish is not too large and when there is an excellent balance between fish and plants.
For novice koi enthusiasts, the temptation is to buy beautiful koi rather than choosing a more expensive, powerful filter. After all, a cleaner stops. You will not be able to enjoy this investment, but it is highly necessary for the health and wellbeing of your Koi that populate the pond. Have attention that the number of Koi will expand over the years and that Koi will grow. When purchasing a filter for a Koi, pay attention to the future expansion and growth of the koi.

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Save on fish.
If you have some gold winds and some comet tails, the cost for fish will not be high. That's different if you've got some koi swimming around that will grow more every year. This may cost quite a few cents in the long run. Koivoeder is not cheap. This ' ongoing ' cost can save you, and you better not buy it by buying cheap, alternative fish, but by just being frugal. It is better to buy more expensive fish and to make it more economical to jump but where the koi can make more nutrients. The stool will be less, and the pond will become organically less taxed. Strategically a good move.

Saving on electricity
The pond pump to temporarily turn off a filter is not the way to save power. It is essential that the pond pump is always running because it will provide continuous water flow on the screen to keep the necessary bacteria alive.

Watch out when purchasing a pond pump. Each pump will eventually cost more in consumption than the unit itself. Always choose a specially developed pond pump, so no submersible pump. Pond pumps offer high flow rates with as low a waste as possible and take years. Choose a pond pump that is suitable for your pond and filter. A too powerful pump will unnecessarily cost much in purchasing and consumption.
Certain electrical appliances can be temporarily turned off without problems. A UV lamp, skimmer, pond pump for fountain or waterfall can be switched off with a simple timer for a certain amount of time to enter into force afterwards automatically. People who enjoy the favourable night rate save even more.

Save on equipment
Choose brands that are known to guarantee an extended warranty and that have already proven their services, and you are less likely to face unexpected costs.

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